We Blend Care and Creativity to Nourish the WorldTM

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More Than a Century of Nourishing the World

Griffith Foods is the caring, creative product development partner specializing in food ingredients - from seasoning and sauces, to breadings and coatings, flavors and more. Every day, we collaborate with our partners to create recipes that people around the world love to eat.
Every day, millions of people around the world consume the products that Griffith Foods assists in creating. Offering great products and excellent customer service should always be the pillars of business, but for a company to succeed today, it must drive responsible growth by creating solutions that benefit people and communities while protecting the planet. As a purpose-driven company, we meet the emerging needs of the world by closely partnering with our customers to create delicious, nutritious and sustainable recipes consumers love.

There's More Than One Bottom Line

Delivering strong Performance while supporting People and Planet
Griffith Foods’ Triple-Bottom-Line Sustainability Platform is embedded in all areas of the business to drive positive impact for stakeholders across the value chain - and to build our partners’ brands.


Our culture is built on supporting our employees, their families, and associations committed to serving our surrounding communities.


We are good stewards to our shared planet with a deep-rooted commitment to sustainable sourcing and environmental management.


We are dedicated to ethically and responsibly growing our customers’ brands by helping to create healthy and nutritious products that taste great.

Sustainable Sourcing, Sustainable Growth

One of the many ways that we are bringing our sustainability platform to life is with our Griffith Sustainably Sourced line spices, herbs and other sustainable ingredients.
Our farm level integration allows us to deliver larger and more sustainable yields by focusing on the environment, biodiversity, and pest management while building stronger farming communities through education, health, labor and community development initiatives.